Winner of Logo Contest

Giovanna Montano, master student at ENSSIB, France, is the winner of EUCLID logo contest.


In the logo two characters sharing/exchanging a book/document represent first and last letters of EUCLID (E and D respectively) and symbolize its mission (exchange, collaboration, cooperation among members). The book/document is associated with library/ information science and education. Blue and yellow colours along with stars associated with European flag and represents its European focus.


III International Seminar on LIS Education and Research (LIS-ER)

III International Seminar on LIS Education and Research (LIS-ER) is organized from 4-5 June 2015 in Barcelona by the Faculty of Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona  in colaboration with IFLA and EUCLID.

The topics/themes of the seminar include: Current European undergraduate and graduate LIS education; new career opportunities and their impact on degrees; translation of LIS research outcomes into practice; maximising the scientific, societal and economic impact of LIS research; and opportunities for international cooperation in LIS education and research. For more information please refer to Seminar Website: